Building reality through blockchain

StartVex is a decentralized ecosystem that drives the new generation of digital businesses, updating reality through an immersive environment.
Our mission is to simplify and streamline the processes of business conception, development, and management, promoting collaboration among companies, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Promote the Revolution: Company in the Blockchain Age

The new generation of tokenized companies offers significant advantages, going beyond security, transparency, and cost reduction. With automated processes, self-custody management,
risk mitigation, and the exploration of new business models in an efficient and reliable manner, companies find in blockchain a conducive environment to thrive.

Companies Launchpad

StartVex features a Launchpad for companies, providing a starting point for innovative ideas. Our platform facilitates the creation and launch of tokenized startups, ensuring that each step, from conception to growth, is supported by cutting-edge technology and a collaborative network.

StartVex Pro:  The ultimate platform for companies development

StartVex Pro brings an innovative experience to the new generation of entrepreneurs, serving as a platform for business development and management. We offer essential tools and resources to transform visions into successful realities.
With an advanced technological infrastructure, we help companies navigate the challenges of the modern market, enabling success and sustainable growth.
Advantages of being in a dedicated network:

• Transparency and Security
• Reduction of Bureaucracy
• Elimination of Intermediaries
• Process Optimization
• Business Tokenization
• Guarantee of Property Rights

How is StartVex different?

Designed for efficiency

Everything at StartVex is designed for efficiency and simplicity, accelerating business development.
From initial integration to ongoing operations, our platform offers an agile and streamlined experience with less bureaucracy and more automation, focusing on what really matters: the growth of your business.

Transform Ideas into Reality

At StartVex, we believe the potential of an idea should not be limited by bureaucracy or lack of resources.
Our platform offers an integrated solution for all stages of the business development cycle, from conception and fundraising to management, allowing startups and emerging companies to focus on what truly matters: innovating and growing.

Cutting-edge Technology

Blockchain technology is at the heart of StartVex, providing a robust and secure infrastructure for all operations.
We automate processes, reduce costs, and minimize risks, offering a reliable platform for the creation and management of digital businesses.

Scalability and Growth

Our commitment is to the sustainable and scalable growth of startups. We provide the necessary tools and support for each company to expand its operations and efficiently reach new markets.

Union of Talents

In addition to technology, we promote the connection and union of talents through our network.
Startups can find investors and mentors who share the vision and are willing to contribute to the success of the business,
turning innovative ideas into successful companies, creating a positive impact on the global economic landscape.

Get Inspired: Transforming Your Ideas into Reality


Our network allows you to decentralize your company, eliminating bureaucracy and implementing efficient structures to drive your business's success.
We facilitate collaboration and integration, making work more seamless and bringing you closer to achieving your desired success.


Joining forces, we are building a better world for businesses and people. Today, entrepreneurs face numerous bureaucracies and challenges that hinder their progress and results, also affecting investors.
Our focus is on understanding the difficulties of entrepreneurs and investors, creating a truly supportive, collaborative, and integrated environment, all in a simplified manner.


Together we are stronger. Contribute to the growth of STARTVEX, where your freedom to share ideas and participate in decision-making is fundamental to driving the platform forward.
As our partner, your success is directly linked to ours.

Startvex even deeper

1. Decentralized Structure
Our blockchain is fully decentralized, eliminating the need for intermediaries and reducing the possibility of single points of failure. This results in increased security and resilience against cyber attacks.

2. Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) Consensus
We utilize a DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus model, which combines energy efficiency with high scalability. Validators are chosen through voting among token holders, ensuring a democratic and secure system.

3. Smart Contracts
StartVex smart contracts are automatically executed on the blockchain, ensuring precise and immutable execution of agreements and transactions. This significantly reduces the need for trust between parties and eliminates human errors.

1. High-Security Encryption
All transactions and data on the StartVex blockchain are protected by advanced encryption, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of information.

2. Multilevel Verification
StartVex implements a multilevel verification system to authenticate and validate all transactions, minimizing the risk of fraud and malicious activities.

3. Immutability
Once recorded on the blockchain, data cannot be altered or deleted, ensuring a permanent and reliable historical record.

1. Fast Transaction Processing
Thanks to the DPoS model, our blockchain is capable of processing thousands of transactions per second, enabling fast and efficient operation of businesses on a global scale.

2. Cost Reduction
Automation and the elimination of intermediaries significantly reduce operational costs, making the StartVex blockchain an economical option for startups.

1. Sharding
We utilize sharding to divide the network into smaller fragments, each capable of processing transactions independently. This dramatically improves the processing capacity of the blockchain.

2. Continuous Upgrades
StartVex is committed to continuous innovation. We implement regular updates to ensure that our blockchain remains at the forefront of technology, adapting to the emerging needs of the market.

1. Compatibility with Other Networks
Our blockchain is designed to be interoperable with other blockchain networks, facilitating integration and collaboration between different platforms and ecosystems.

2. APIs and SDKs
We provide robust APIs and SDKs for developers, enabling easy and efficient creation of decentralized applications (dApps) that seamlessly operate on our blockchain.

1. Decentralized Governance
StartVex token holders have an active voice in governance decisions through a decentralized voting system, promoting transparency and community participation.

2. Transaction Transparency
All transactions are visible on the blockchain, providing complete transparency and enabling independent audits.

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A secure blockchain ecosystem

Startvex isn't just a platform, it's an initiative transforming business development in the digital world.
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